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Mar. 28th, 2007 | 04:49 pm

Sennen Gold: Actually, there are more than a few people who might pay good money to se that. Maybe they should invent mud wrestling for the masses to bet on? Oooh fun! How many happy fangr-.. temple girls would there be then? Not that any of the priests would do it. Well, maybe Mahaado might if no one was watching. He is the most laid back of them after all. Seth might if he is drunk enough, but no one wants a drunk Seth. It might like.. implode the world or something.
"I don't need to know the details." Sanura says while holding up a hand to enforce the statement. Leaving him where he stands she gets herself ready for bed, and only when she is settled in comfortably on the bed does she turn her attention back to him. Spreading her arms in the universal invitation to cuddle she speaks. "Come here pet, and let's see what we can do about chasing away your demons for the night."
Chappaiguardian: He'll keep it in mind if the treasury starts to get a little bare looking. But it would take lots of convincing first. He had no intention of embaressing the people he concidered his friends after all. That and he was sure that Seth would stage a coupe if they tried getting him in the mud pits.
He removes his sandles first and claws in bed after her. He really just wants to forget right now. To him it is an ammusing prospect. To forget his work for a while.
Sennen Gold: More like a hostile take over or forced castrations, but it wouldn't be a pretty picture if they tried getting Seth involved. The image of the stubborn mule and the farmer comes to mind. Not that Seth is always stubborn or mean. He can be quite gentle at times too, such as the time he got stuck with Rami for an hour or so while his parents and Sanura had to tend to some crisis or another regarding the running of the household. The servants did fall under the things the queens dealt with after all.
She wraps her arms around his shoulders and more or less pins him against her side. Threading her fingers though his hair she absently combs it, humming quietly. "You'll be alright. Just relax and unwind. Leave the worries of the day outside, where they belong."
Chappaiguardian: (( Aw! Seth got to play Uncle! ))
Sennen Gold: ((lol Yup!))
Chappaiguardian: Well that was more or less a coupe. But don't mention castration. The other Priests might flee. Then where would they be? And Atemu hadn't heard about that. Mostly due to the fact not everyone knows everything that goes on in the palace. But if Atemu knew? He'd grin a great deal.
Oh Sanura. Do you know the things that does? Mahaado ends up purring lightly. At least as close to a purr as he can get. He doesn't actually purr, just makes happy noises. But he did look pleased by the command to relax.
Sennen Gold: Up the Nile without a boat, maybe? Digressing. It is probably a good thing Atemu didn't know about it. Wouldn't want to destroy Seth's image, right? Carrying around a sleepy toddler in the smaller royal gardens wasn't exactly one of Seth's jobs.
She chuckles softly and continues to pet him. He was such an easy to please man after all, for her at least. There are plenty of stories -most of them spread around by Mana- about how hard he can be to impress. One of the many things she loves about him really.
Chappaiguardian: It was probbly cute. Too bad this is the wrong Millienia for digital camras. Ah well more proof of Seth's actual like for children will pop up eventually. just not right now.
Of course that only came in the area of magic. He was a hard to please teacher. And demanded a great deal from his students. And right now he had his guard down anyways. He did trust Sanura a great deal after all.
Sennen Gold: Don't say that! Seth doesn't like children, really! ... Yeah, and the sun doesn't shine. He doesn't mind them too much when they are asleep, or quiet. It's only when they start screaming and running around like a little hellion that he growls and scares them.
It is probably for the best that Sanura is not one of his students. There would be headaches galore, and chances are they wouldn't be sharing a bed or cuddling. She isn't a difficult person to get along with really, but when she reaches the point where she is frustrated or tired she can be a little bitch for lack of a better term. "Is it working?"
Chappaiguardian: (( XD So ammused by Seth.))
Sennen Gold: ((He is a closest softy! :3))
Chappaiguardian: ((So long as the kidlets fall under cirtin terms.))

Sennen Gold: ((lol Yes))
Chappaiguardian: Of course watch out when the little boy canthat was just born can squeak more. It'l be hell of poor Seth. Then again everything is hell to him.
"Yes." He had to admit that and smuile at her. She had made the situation better by being here. And the fact was he couldn't imagine putting her and magic together. Due to the fact it would make her more dangerous.
Sennen Gold: As long as Atemu doesn't bring them to court Seth shouldn't have too much of a problem. But, knowing Atemu... The guy just has to show off his kids to his friends in not so subtle hints that maybe they should start families while they're young. Oi vey. Nothing makes Seth twitch more.
"I wasn't really going to make you sleep by yourself you know." She remarks randomly while tilting her head and looking down at him. Leaning down she lightly kisses his forehead and pulls back a bit to smile at him. "There was no need to turn the pout of doom my way."
Chappaiguardian: ((Damn. My outting with a friend got cancelled.))
Sennen Gold: ((Owch.))
Chappaiguardian: ((Tornado and they feel sick.))
Sennen Gold: ((O_o; A lot of people are sick.))
Chappaiguardian: ((Well this friend gets sick often. *shrug*))
Sennen Gold: ((Ah. Sounds like me a few years ago.))
Chappaiguardian: ((Yeah. But oh well.))
Chappaiguardian: Aw but Atemu wants to be an Uncle too! He actually doesn't. Just likes to teae his friends. Heck if he culd he'd flood people with pictures of his precious boys. There would be no escape. All fear Daddy Hug...Atemu!
" I know. But I had to keep my pout sharp," he says with a lazy grun. Damn him for managing to look setriious while teasing his girl. Somehow he's very good at it.
Sennen Gold: Oh yes, all would and do fear him when he is like that. It is at these times that T'Kai and Teana come in mighty handy to have around. When they get tired of it they steal the children away from their father with some random excuse like needing to put them down for a nap or some such thing.
"But you know that I can't resist it. Such an unfair player you are in this game." Sanura replies with a slight pout, resting her forehead against his and closing her eyes. She has never once won in this so called game where she tries to either get her way or tease him. He always pulls out the Pout and she crumbles to pieces.
Chappaiguardian: ((XD They need to keep him in check.))
Sennen Gold: ((lol Yes! That or on a leash.))
Chappaiguardian: ((He'll chew out of it.))
Sennen Gold: ((Yeah probably. Or get Seth to free him.))
Chappaiguardian: (( XD Yes. But I can see Seth walking away. Not wanting to get involved with THAT situation.))
Chappaiguardian: ((Mer. Brb))
Sennen Gold: ((xD He'd probably think that it was some kind of weird kink and turn around before Atemu is done asking. And kay.))
Chappaiguardian: ((Back.))
Sennen Gold: ((^__^__
Sennen Gold: ((.. I can't ype. >>))
Sennen Gold: ((Really really can't.))
Chappaiguardian: The Queens have the power! Well really. They do. Of course Atemu will pout. Then get serious and go to work. Which frankly is so much better for everyone. That and it's good to take away Atemu's distractions. That way he can be a hard working Pharaoh.
"Sorry love. I'm just used to being ruthless," he admnits. Then kisses her cheek. There. She got him to admit he was being a crule ruthless man-thing.
Sennen Gold: Sad really, that they have to take his sons away sometimes just to get him to focus. Rami is still young enough that he can claim to be a new parent, but in a couple of years he won't be able to claim that as an excuse. There will be plenty of time for him to spend with his children when he doesn't have court to deal with.
"If you are ruthless I'd hate to hear what Seth calls himself." She drawls with a roll of her eyes. Truth be told she isn't joking about that. Knowing Seth he'll say that he is the bringer of justice or something like that. The guy really needs to be knocked down a few pegs.
Chappaiguardian: (( XD I can see Kan getting huffy after she and Mahaado take care of the murder mystery if Seth says that near her.))
Sennen Gold: ((xD Probably.))
Chappaiguardian: ((I imagine that due to her postion there's alot she does that she can't exactly confide in with the Priests. Has to stick between her and Atemu. ^^; It's probably one of the more complicated things about this verioun of my 'me' characters.))
Sennen Gold: ((lol I don't think any of my 'me' characters have complicated things about them, save for maybe Modern!Audrey having to deal with all the buisness things with Industrial Illusions and Pegasus))
Chappaiguardian: ((lol Yeah. Can't wait to sick Kan and Mahaado on their respective jobs. XD But this is fun too))
Chappaiguardian: True. Yet at the same time many are pleased by the maturity that Atemu shows at times. He after all is able to manage his life quite well. Mostly due to his wives being firm with him when they need to be but then again...That is a part of their duties. To keep him on track if he looses his way.
"The great death or keeper of justice," he says without batting an eye. They all knew how fanatical Seth could be about his duties. In fact he was surprised that Seth hadn't jumped on them about...The case. But it was possibly due to the fact that it had been assinged to him and Kan directly from Atemu. He had trusted it to them due to the fact that this fell under the area of the city guard. Fun.
Sennen Gold: Behind every great man is a woman, or two, as the saying goes. With their tag-team method of dealing with him there is generally always one or the other free to keep an eye on him throughout the day in case he needs to be prodded back into line. Sanura even does it sometimes, but normally scampers off after doing so proclaiming that his wives made her do it. She doesn't want to get herself in trouble for doing something, even if he is her friend.
"Ugh! Probably, knowing him." Sanura says with a roll of her eyes, absently grabbing the blanket and pulling it up around their shoulders. Rearranging herself she scoots down a bit and snuggles against him, resting her head beneath his chin and snaking an arm around his waist. Settling again with a sigh she nuzzles him. "Sometimes I wonder how Kisara can deal with him."
Chappaiguardian: ((Gah. I tried to think of more and welll...>.> Can I skip us to the day time?))
Sennen Gold: ((Sure. *kicks internet*))
Chappaiguardian: ((And welcome back.))
Chappaiguardian: Atemu was up at a decent time. He had carefully gotten up around his wives and the children. Well Rami at least. There was a crib near by for the newsest addition to the Royle Family. He yawns and streches rubbing the back of his neck.
Mahaado had all ready been up for an hour. He was waiting for Sanura to wake up. So he could give her a quick kiss before he left to work for the day. Mostly with a pair of guards making inquiries across the city.
And meanwhile there's an old crone. Well she looks like one. With pleanty of old scars dotting what they can see of her face and an eye the stares unblinkingly at anyone ho gets too close. This is of course not really an old Crone. But Kan begining to look at the different places bodies were found. To get a feel for things. Approach the creepy looking old woman if you dare. For today? She hunts down information.
Sennen Gold: ((I'll have to reply tonight. x_X Mom is distracting meeee.))
Chappaiguardian: ((O.o Ok.))
Sennen Gold: ((Actually I might be able to reply now.))
Sennen Gold: T'Kai and Teana fill in the spot left behind by Atemu; they wouldn't be up for a little while yet. Rami on the other hand is easier to wake up. He first notices that his father has gotten up when he rolls over and finds himself face to face with his other mother instead. Yawning, he sits up and looks around sleepily. "Ye'et?"
Sanura, of course, sleeps like a log most of the time. She functions on a slightly different schedule than her lover does, after all. Currently she is still dowsing, having taken over Mahaado's side of the bed when he'd gotten up. It won't take her long to wake up, but she will be loathed to move for another few minutes yet.

(no subject)

Nov. 17th, 2006 | 12:59 am

Chappaiguardian: *Beth had been railinmg against her teacher. The elderly Jedi that had been found by chance. Not wanting to be trained so fully. It hadn't been smart. The others knew why she needed to be trained....And so they decided to teach her why. They knew the perfict tool in this modern time...Even the former Reven had agreed though her idea was seen as very harsh. Tear Ainge's mind away and press it into Beth. Of course they sent for the teenagers. The teenagers would have no idea what the five anchient Jedi had in mind.*

Sennen Gold: *Ainge's annoyance seeped into the room even before Audrey arrived, the symbiote's frustration rolling off of her like a breaking wave that sought to slam every into every living being in the room and send them flying. For her part Audrey walked with downcast eyes, weariness making her shoulders slump. The girl was emotionally exhausted from her time spent in the Temple, and wanted nothing more than to go home. She was not Force sensative and did not belong here where Ainge's short temper made her a target for the bullies amongst the students, and even the Masters. One could only take so much hassling before they snapped. Like Ainge needed more fuel to be added to the fire of her impatience with these idealistic fools.*

Chappaiguardian: *Beth had protected her when she could. But she didn't like the ideals...Which is why she clashed with Joelee. He wasn't like the other Jedi. More nnuteral in his dealing but they didn't mix well. He was like an anchient fountain and she was like a hot burning stove. It was why they fusterated each other to no end. But she blinked when she saw the group.*"What is it, Master? We have been behaving ourselves.."*Her tone was bland. But Joelee glared a bit.*
"Watch yourself child. We are worried by you....And...This is for your own good. Trust me."

Sennen Gold: *Uh-oh. It was never a good thing when adults said they were doing something for your own good. It generally meant that something very bad was about to happen, something that you wouldn't like. Confused and more than a bit wary of the Jedi Audrey retreated a few steps, instinctively trying to put her back to the wall and closer to the door. For all their talk of honor and justice the Jedi had done nothing for her in the least bit. Not even their great Council had spared her much attention to her troubles since her arrival at the Temple. They only said that she would be going home soon. That had been a month ago and she was no closer to home than she was upon her arrival.*

Chappaiguardian: *Beth just frowned and was ready to tell them to go fuk themselves or something like that. Something with the coloring of what her Dad might say. She yelped when she found herself restrained by the Force and pushed against it but knew that there was no escape...Audrey would be held fast too.*"...This shouldn't hurt at all."*Revan tells them. The 'old crone' as Beth thought of the blind one handed Jedi called Kaira moved towards Audrey.*
"But it is crude. And perhaps rough...More like a Sith tactic. Quite bruitish really but...Effective."

Sennen Gold: "I thought you bitches were suppose to be the good people! What the fuck are you trying to pull!? Wait... what do you want!?" *Audrey's voice became increasingly panicked when she noticed the Jedi heading towards her. Ainge's anger had leapt to life with the fevor of a wildfire, flooding the room with an invisible blanket of red hot energy that overrode and drowned her host's fear. Undoubtedly the combined emotions had caused a spike in the Dark side of the Force large enough to resonate in the surrounding levels of the Temple if not the entire complex itself. The power only grew as Ainge took control, eyes blazing with unrestrained rage that was nothing short of pure Gou'ald. There was a weight to her presense that spoke of thousands of years in age, an ancient creature that had existed before the fall of the Sith. The symbiote had completely taken over the host body, forcing the host's mind beneath its own and crushing it. This was no Tok'ra. This was a Gou'ald, a monster that had been awakened from hibernation.*

Chappaiguardian: *Beth gave out a sudden horrified screech of pain. Because Kaira had done something very foolish. Instead of copying Ainge'spersonality....She ripped the personality right out and forced it onto Beth. Just leaving the symbiote alive. And that was when Beth and Ainge's rage combined and they nearly fried the Jedi. Because their anger was far too deep into an extrem.*

Sennen Gold: *Audrey screamed, not unlike that horrible screech filled with panic and fear usually uttered before a traumatic death. This was no death but was nonetheless traumatizing for the girl that had been worked up into blind fear. Trembling and barely able to stand she worked her way over to the doors; once they had opened she stumbled out into the corridor, catching herself and scrambling back to her feet. Clutching at her head she screamed again, incoherent and horror filled.*

Chappaiguardian: *Beth was just pissed. She did not want this. It was a very stupid thing they had done. She could also feel the pulsing power iun the air. And the fact they were trying to pocket her in. Her and that bone crushing mind that was clawing to be on top. She was fighting for controll...so she could run away. But this was not working. Nope. Nada.*

Sennen Gold: *The Jedi simply didn't know what they were doing. The Ainge that they had come to know was a watered down version of her true potiental. They had believed her to be of short temper and rashness, that she would be able to teach Beth the point they were trying to get across. Foolish. So terribly terribly foolish. Without any prior knowledge of the Gou'ald and what they were capable of they had done the worst possible thing ever. By driving Ainge into such a blind rage they had forced her out of her Tok'ra self, a comparatively placid creature compared to the revenge driven Gou'ald that thirsted for any power that would give her that revenge. Ainge didn't need to be in symbiote form in order to crush Beth's mind beneath her own. The symbiote body was nothing more than a blank slate without her essense giving it personality, and the Jedi had awakened the worst aspect of her personality: her belief that she was a god.*


Jul. 4th, 2006 | 08:37 pm

PernCollapse )

Modern Yuugiou 14

Jun. 20th, 2006 | 08:26 pm

Seto finally tracks down Audrey in the last place she thought possible.Collapse )

Vampire Yuugiou

Jun. 20th, 2006 | 07:52 pm

A pack of wereleopards are attacked, more than a dozen killed, by Kitsunes. The Master of the City, Yami, sees to it that the wounded Kitsune hiding in the city is found and brought to justice.Collapse )

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Jun. 7th, 2006 | 10:32 pm

Subeta: Shaman and SoulCollapse )

The Introduction Post

Apr. 12th, 2006 | 04:14 pm

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